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Currency Exchange - Foreign Currency Payments

Millions are losing out on Foreign Currency Exchange.

Every day of the week individuals and businesses around the world make foreign currency payments using their bank.  Banks generally charge up to 4% commission which most people are unaware of.

Before you or your business make your next payment please contact Wellington Court Financial Services

Wellington Court Financial Services works closely with an independent foreign exchange broker that focuses on currency and international payments services for private clients and corporates. 

Our partner is unique in providing clients total pricing transparency: each time they trade, all clients are shown the (time-stamped interbank) market rate and the corresponding rate at which they will trade.

Transacting foreign exchange and making international payments should be easy; clients should not need to become foreign exchange experts or traders just to avoid being taken advantage of by their brokers.

Our partner's vision is to combine technology and traditional phone base services with competitive and transparent pricing to deliver on the promise of simple, cost effective, and customer friendly foreign exchange and international payments services for clients.

The currency exchange online platform is a fully integrated service for buying currency and making onward payments 24 hrs a day, 5 days a week.

By investing heavily in technology, our partner is very efficient. This efficiency is passed onto clients in the form of better exchange rates than banks and other FX brokers.

 Savings - Better Rates of Exchange


Market Rate

Client Rate

Cost in GBP

of €100,000

Transfer Charges (approx)

Total Saving







Our partner




£ 0



Examples how clients use the currency exchange service:

   - Purchasing or selling overseas property

   - Purchasing or selling overseas assets (e.g. yachts, cars, art, etc.)

   - Repatriating foreign income (salary, investment, etc.)

   - Servicing overseas mortgages, investments or other regular payments

   - Moving overseas to live

Our partner's Online Trading and Payments Platform ensures:


   - ‘Trade and Pay’ in under 30 seconds

   - Fully integrated payments facility with ‘beneficiary bulk uploads’ function to save time

   - Intuitive and user friendly


   - Built by pioneers in online trading technology with over 25 years experience in investment banking


   - Clients benefit from competitive, consistent and transparent pricing

   - No excessive minimum trade sizes; trade online from as little as £500


Easier, Faster and Cheaper

To open an account today and enjoy the benefits of currency exchange please do not hesitate to contact us.

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