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Financial Planning

In a rapidly changing World, flexible financial planning is essential and requires modern innovative solutions, commensurate with maximum security.

Wellington Court Financial Services provides exclusive, imaginative, discreet and cost-effective services, based on long industry experience. We provide professional guidance on investments and select quality financial products from the global market place, to achieve your personal financial objectives.

Our Financial Planning process is discreet and confidential. We gather and assess all relevant information to produce our advice, based on your personal circumstances, needs and objectives.

While many financial institutions may give advice on a limited range of financial products only, Wellington Court Financial Services, as an independent financial institution, is free to select the most suitable investment solutions from across the global marketplace, each tailored to your individual need and expectations.

Our clients receive a personal, first class service based on totally independent, impartial financial advice, geared towards:
-       Conserving and maximising the return on their wealth.
-       Meeting their financial objectives, through a clear and simple financial planning process.
-       Minimising the tax burden, through adequate fiscal planning.

Wellington Court Financial Services is an organisation with a global outlook, which allows us to offer the best and most appropriate financial products and services, from a range of International Banks, Investment and Insurance Institutions, to expatriates and international investors.