Investment Advice & Planning

Wellington Court Financial Services offers a broad range of investment recommendations and services tailor made to your specific needs and requirements.

After completing a detailed fact find on your current personal and financial situation Wellington Court Financial Services will be able to recommend the best advice and most suitable course of action for you, for example:

- Jurisdictional briefing

- Advice on cross-border investment opportunities as well as the legal structures through which such investments can be made

- Preservation of family privacy, legacy and wealth - "keep it in the family"

- Establishment and administration of personal, family, educational, and corporate trusts, companies and foundations.

With over 5,000 different funds available from well known and highly regulated fund managers such as Fidelity, Blackrock, JP Morgan, Neptune etc, covering every asset class in every sector from equity investments to government and corporate bonds, Wellington Court Financial Services can help you put together an investment portfolio tailor made to your needs and risk profile.

Some of the investment areas where we provide advice and recommendations include:

- Unit Trusts

- Investment Trusts

- ETF’s

- Government & Corporate Bonds

- Real Property Funds

- Equity Investments including direct purchases of stocks & shares

- Structured Products

- Private Equity Funds

Wellington Court Financial Services is authorised to provide cross border products and services throughout the EU. However, some of the services mentioned on this website may not be available in your country of residence.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.