Services Offered by Our Business Partners and Associates

In order to provide a truly comprehensive service encompassing all the needs and requirements of clients, Wellington Court Financial Services is partnered with other specialist providers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Working through an international network, our partners specialise in cross-border transactions for small and medium sized enterprises more


International Taxation

- Tax efficient business and investment structures
- International tax planning strategies
- Presentation of corporate and personal tax returns in Ireland, , Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom
- Financial planning arrangements
- Loans and Financing


Real Estate

- Trust management of real estate interests
- Condominiums and large developments
- Professional mortgage advice for non-residents, residents and corporations


Corporate & Commercial Law

- Labour law and social security
- Wills, trusts and foundations





Administrative Management & Execution

- Controllership and reporting
- Coordination of international financial and tax issues
- Administrative back up services


Loan & Financing

Our partners offer clients services and facilities for Corporate Finance, Property Funding and Debt Re-Structuring via mercantile agreements with the best providers in the market for loans, mortgages, lines of credit or commercial leasing on the best possible terms.


I realise it is easier to make money than to preserve it. If only I had met members of Wellington's team 10 years ago I would be much better off than I am today. I now realise the importance of the preservation of wealth through the generations