Simple and affordable health plan covering you and your family

Wellington Court Financial Services Ltd presents an excellent range of health cash plans for families and individuals living in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

HSF Health Plan is the leading health cash plan provider in Ireland covering over 100,000 people. Headquartered in Ennis, Co Clare, HSF Health Plan has been operating in Ireland for over 60 years

What is a HSF Health Cash Plan? Quite simply a health cash plan is an easy and affordable way to help you spread the cost of your every day health care. Costs such as GP and prescriptions, dental check-ups and treatment, sight tests, and the cost of your family’s day to day health can add up to a large annual bill.

Choice of Plans to suit your needs and budget

There are two types of plans and a range of payment options. With schemes starting at just €9.50 a month for the whole family, you can be sure that there is a level to suit your budget.

Family Schemes

HSF Family Schemes are especially designed for families and cover you, your spouse / partner and any dependent children up to age 21. There are seven different primary cover plans to choose from, with contributions ranging from €9.50 to €55 a month. There are also three different extra cover policies with regular contributions ranging from €52.50 to €81 a month. All you need to do is to choose the plan that suits your budget best.

The One Scheme

HSF One Scheme is designed for individuals who wish to claim up to 100 per cent money refund on their healthcare expenses. The monthly payments start from €14.

Benefits include the following (depending on the Plan you choose).

  • Payments if off work from injury (up to 52 weeks after 30 days)
  • Practitioners (including chiropody & physiotherapy)
  • Specialist & Investigation (including Hepatitis and other vaccinations)
  • Contributions are not age or claim related
  • GP & Prescriptions
  • Dental (including cosmetic dentistry)
  • Optical (including glasses, contact lenses and eye laser treatment)
  • FREE GP Advice Line
  • Birth and Adoption Grants
  • Hospital overnight and day case benefit

Free cover for partners and children

One affordable regular contribution is all it takes to benefit. And not only does it cover you, it also covers your partner and children under 21 living with you.

Your next step

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information shown above is for illustration purposes only and should not constitute advice in any way.  Based on information as per HSF website as at 31/07/2012. The cost of cover depends on product type.